Telegraph (22/11/17) – Taking on the money launderers

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Great to have a full page in yesterday’s Telegraph Business Section on money laundering. It’s such a massive topic at the moment and such a huge problem around the world – but especially in the UK because of its reputation as a financial services centre.

Although money laundering has been around since the beginning of time, it’s now estimated to cost the UK government a whopping £80 billion a year in lost revenue – obviously money that could be spent on hospitals and schools.

While technology, especially cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, may be helping money launderers hide their ill gotten gains, it’s also helping banks and governments spot suspicious transactions more easily using artificial intelligence/machine learning.

In this article I interview BAE Systems’ Rob Horton about how they are helping financial institutions to take a more proactive approach to detecting money laundering in their organisations.

You can read the full article by clicking on the link below:

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Daily Telegraph: Companies need to be more active in dealing with cyber security threat

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Too many companies take a compliance based view when it comes to IT. Rather than dealing with the potential cyber security threat, they are more concerned with putting in controls to protect their assets.

This needs to change, James Hatch, Director, Cyber Services, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence told me in a recent interview for The Daily Telegraph. He says that businesses, especially large businesses, need people in place who think more like attackers and the potential damage they could cause.

“We are still dealing with the same problem of how to protect the things we value in life,” he reckons. “People still want to want to steal from us, copy from us or disrupt our lifestyles; it’s just that technology has enabled them to do it more easily at scale.”

You can read the full interview here


Daily Telegraph: Cloud computing and job opportunities

CloudcomputingThere’s no doubt that cloud computing, combined with the internet of things, are the future for IT globally.

In this piece for The Daily Telegraph, published in conjunction with online courses company The Learning People, I talk about the opportunities that exist in the cloud computing market.

“Anybody who has experience in cloud computing will go straight to the head of the queue when it comes to IT job interviews,” says IT consultant Nick Bown.

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BAE and Daily Telegraph roundtable on Cyber Skills


A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend a fascinating roundtable event on Cyber Skills on behalf of The Daily Telegraph and BAE.

As the pace of technology advances the need for experts such as ethical hackers to combat cyber crime is growing. Yet despite our best efforts, the skills gap continues to widen.

In this discussion, several online security experts – including spokespeople from the government and GCHQ as well as privately owned companies – talked about how they recruit and retain people with the necessary skills to combat the growing problem.

In the PDF below you can read my report from the round table.

A Special Report – Cyber Security