Daily Telegraph: Digital Leaders conference


Today I went to the Daily Telegraph Digital Leaders conference in London’s Bishopsgate. I had to get there super early (7.30am!!) to report on a breakfast roundtable which was really interesting (and the breakfast was really good especially the danish pastries and yoghurt).

Essentially it was a breakfast intended for larger companies who are trying to get to grips with the digital revolution and new ways of thinking and acting more quickly. There were two main speakers: Accenture’s Narry Singh and Alberto Prado, Vice President Head of Digital Accelerator at Royal Philips.

Narry talked about ‘Chapter 1 thinking’ and about how many big companies have only really made the first steps towards becoming fully digital organisations. They also both talked about some of the recruitment challenges that companies face hiring some of the best digital talent, many of whom are tempted to work for start-ups or as contractors for a short period of time.

Anyway, you can also read my previous interview with Narry which appeared in The Daily Telegraph today. My report on the digital breakfast will be in a few days time (when I’ve written it!)



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