Experiencing London in virtual reality with the Kodak PixPro 4K VR360

KodakPixPro 2

For the last few weeks my son Archie and I have been busy filming in and around London for a series of YouTube videos.

You see, we’ve partnered with Kodak on two of my tech blogs, TechDigest.tv and ShinyShiny.tv to produce four themed videos designed to showcase what their latest VR camera, the Kodak 4K VR360 can do.

Despite the weather not always being  that great, it’s been good fun so far, acting like a tourist and filming the likes of Buckingham Palace and Big Ben.

Yesterday we were in a nearby wood filming the leaves falling from the trees and dogs sniffing around the camera while next weekend sees us travelling to the newly opened Go Ape adventure park at Alexandra Palace to bring you VR footage from the high ropes.

You can see our first ‘taster’ video below with another, London’s Top 10 VR landmarks, due later this week.

While this first one isn’t filmed completely in VR, look out for future videos in the series for which you will need your Google Cardboard type headsets or Oculus Rift to enjoy fully.

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