Ted Talk: Google boss says self-driving car on road within 5 years. ‘Before my son can drive’

GooglecarchiefAccording to Google self driving boss, Chris Urmson (pictured above) Google plans to unleash its self driving car on the streets before his own son can drive. I’m not quite sure whether that’s because he doesn’t want to have to pay for driving lessons or he’s worried he’s going to crash. You can read my piece here on Tech Digest.

Future of personal transport – connected e-bikes and e-scooters coming soon

Jivr bike

I’m currently researching my latest big piece on the future of personal transport – an area that seems to be moving incredibly quickly. Quite literally. Earlier this week, Ford announced at Mobile World Congress, it was getting in on the electric bike market with two new prototype foldable models. However, it’s one of a number of companies in this space, many of which are lighter on their feet and producing much more exciting vehicles already.

Particularly interesting is Jivr bike who my company, Sutro Digital, has started working with. They are currently getting a project together to raise further funds to mass produce a foldable electric bike that really looks the business. What’s particularly interesting is that it will incorporate some of the latest ‘connected vehicle’ features so it can communicate with your smartphone via an app, even provide you with discount vouchers for shops you pass en route to your destination. Nor is this the only solution around. In Europe it seems there are also some exciting projects, including personal electric scooters such as this folding electric scooter from Stigo which really looks fun – see YouTube video below.

I only hope I get to try out some of these products around town over the coming weeks!

Digital Audio revolution – how music streaming is going high end (ShinyShiny, 25/2/15)


Must admit I wasn’t sure about this one when I accepted the commission. Thought audio was a bit geeky and that no one is interested in digital quality sound are they? Turned out I was wrong. I interviewed some very interesting, passionate people about digital streaming services and I think they have a point. We should be getting much better quality sound than we are – given that digital audio quality has actually fallen in the last five years while picture quality continues to improve.


What to do if your website has been hacked. Daily Telegraph (12/2/2015)


Work has been quite busy recently with The Telegraph having commissioned me to write a load of online articles on behalf of EE. I really can’t complain.

Hopefully people will find these practical articles useful. There’s one on how to make your smartphone battery last longer,  one on what to do if your company’s website has been hacked (with the somewhat scary picture above) and one on the latest gadgets you need for business travel. Bon Voyage!

Wearable tech in the workplace (Daily Telegraph, 5/2/2015)

google-glass_3188120bMany people have reported that Google Glass is dead and buried. In fact it’s still very much alive and kicking in the medical industry and is one of a number of smart glasses solutions that many companies are look at. Nor is it just in the medical industry either. Smartglasses are also gaining popularity in warehouses where they can be used for checking stock etc. You can read my feature on wearable tech in the workplace here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sponsored/technology/4g-mobile/machine-to-machine/11390690/google-glass-enterprise.html

Daily Telegraph: Interview with Mobile Iron’s Ojas Rege (7/1/2015)


As more and more functions, such as banking, move towards mobile devices the threat to mobile security increases. In this article for The Telegraph (published in the newspaper January 7th, 2015), I talk to Ojas Rege, vice president of strategy at security solutions company MobileIron, about the growing threat and the changing role of the IT department in the mobile age.