Is Snapchat a great social media platform for publishers?

I’m not sure many people over about the age of 30 really ‘get’ Snapchat. But it’s certainly attracted attention among publishers, especially those in the US including the US version of the Daily Mail.

But is Snapchat Discover really a great way for younger audiences to find your content? In this article for FIPP I look at how several publishers have used Snapchat so far and ask whether it has been successful.

Social media becomes more transactional – with ‘Buy’ buttons promised for Facebook Pages

Social media may have started off as a way of keeping in touch with friends, posting updates and pictures etc. But increasingly venture capital funded companies are looking for new and innovative ways to monetize their platforms, in order to satisfy investors (if not always consumers).

The latest trend is towards ‘transactionalization’ – an inelegant word but one that covers the move towards adding ‘Buy’ buttons so you can shop without having to leave the company’s platform. Latest to go this route is Facebook with the company experimenting with ‘Buy’ buttons for its Pages.

You can read my article here on how it might affect the Content Marketing industry here: