Are dockless bikes the future for city transport?

Ofobike48.jpgAlthough I’m not a cyclist by any means, I am fascinated by the culture around cycling. In particular, the whole rise of dockless bikes systems which I must admit I knew nothing about until I met up with the guys from Ofo.

It’s actually a fascinating company. Started in China about four years, Ofo (so called because the letters look a little like a person cycling) is now available in 20 countries and around 250 cities (Sheffield being the latest one in the UK, following on from the roll out in Cambridge, Oxford, Norwich and parts of London).

Using the app, you can locate the bright yellow bikes on the street (they are shown as yellow dots on the map). As long as you’ve got your credit card details stored, you can then unlock the bike by scanning in its QR code.

Prices seem very good: 50p for half an hour (compared with £2 on a Boris Bike) and the bike itself is lightweight with a shopping basket, lights (powered by a dynamo) and three gears – good enough for most areas of London.

The only downside is that the punctureless tyres are a little hard which can make the ride a bit of a bone shaker, especially if you are going over cobbled streets.

You can read my full review here:


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